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Getting out of your timeshare may take a shorter time than you may think. Better still it's not as hard as it seems. The initial step is easy...fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.

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Yes, with our help. We are able to make a transfer of your absolutely paid off timeshare and clear your name.
You will have no further obligation.
Do you want to escape timeshare foreclosure? It doesn’t matter if your are already getting threatening phone calls and letters. We can help you get out of your timeshare.
Yes, we will show you the available options that can help you get out of that timeshare contract.
Call us today for a no obligation consultation.
Do you feel as if you bought something that you didn’t quite understand because someone manipulated, lied or misled you when you were buying the timeshare? We have two law firms that we work with and who are at the ready if you are currently paying under contract. Get started on your path to freedom today. Fill in your info below to get started.

Todd & Sarah

“Thank you for all the help. I had no idea that one could get out of a timeshare. The staff members are very friendly and speak to you in a very comforting way. It felt like we were the only clients. Our questions were promptly answered by the staff members or the lawyers. It is a great relief to know that I no longer have some endless payment to make every month. My wife and I are forever grateful.”

Shirley & Frank A.

StepZero did a great job in getting us out of our contract. It had been oversold and the sales as well as financial personnel had misled us for a whole 5 years. We were at a loss about where we could get help, until we found you. You delivered what you had promised. A big thank you for the service.

Reta W.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I have been trying to get rid of this timeshare thing for a long time, and you have finally done it. I am extremely happy. My gratitude is indescribable. Thanks again.

George Mather

I would like to thank Step Zero for a job well done. The whole process actually took less time to complete than I had estimated.
Thanks again!


HT from California

Thank you so much! As promised, I’m free at last from a four year nightmare! Step Zero is the most honest and trustworthy companies I’ve come across in a long time. They said what they meant and did what they said.
Only two phone calls and in three months I was free! I will recommend Step Zero to all my friends who are in the same situation.

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